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Upcoming  Titles

  • Ireland and Puerto Rico: The Untold Story*                 
    *(temporarily delayed due to insufficient demand)
    The unknown story of Eamon de Valera and Pedro Albizu Campos, the first Latin American leader to publicly recognize Ireland’s right to self-determination.  His leadership of the Irish Republican Student Movement in the United States after the Easter Rising in 1916, and his ardent advocacy for the cause of Irish Freedom and Puerto Rican sovereignty throughout the Americas until the 1950s cost him 18 years of imprisonment in U.S. penitentiaries. With photos of declassified FBI documents that link him to the Irish Republican Movement.  

  • Latino Vegan Cookery
    How does the routine act of picking up a fork and eating a meal become transformed into a gesture that bestows the promise of a better world to future generations?  Try eating a vegan meal. Do you know what the driving force behind the destruction of our tropical rain forests is?  The American meat habit.  The United States imports about 200,000,000 pounds of meat from Latin America a year.  Millions of acres of forestland must be cleared to feed the livestock that is slaughtered to maintain this meat habit. The grain and soybeans used to feed livestock in the United States could feed 1,300,000,000 human beings a year, but every two seconds a child dies of starvation.  In total, sixty million people will starve to death this year. Add the fact that the leading source of pesticide residues in the U.S. diet are found in meat and dairy products, and an alternative diet is no longer an option but a necessity. Here is a book full of fast recipes that are meatless, dairy-free, egg-free, healthy, delicious and distinctly Latino.

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