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Although we are a small company we are very selective, endeavoring to produce books of distinction and excellence that contribute to universal knowledge and understanding. Ausubo Press supports the efforts of exceptional writers who mainstream publishers reject. The original vision of the author is foremost in the publisher's mind as is the stylistic integrity of the book. If you are writing to make a financial killing, your work should be submitted to a large commercial publisher.  If you are writing hoping your work will be a literary success that will be distributed worldwide, provide modest royalties and be in print for several years, consider a small independent publisher like Ausubo Press.

Submission Policy

Send a query letter first.  Do not send any portion of a manuscript unless requested to do so.  Your query letter should describe the book and if appropriate give a plot summary or table of contents, some chapter names and any other information relevant to the rationale, content, and audience for the book, its probable length and title, and if there are any copyright issues.  Please include a brief resume or vita of the author. Unsolicited manuscripts will be rejected automatically and not returned. Please allow up to 4 weeks for responses to queries.

Writers should take the utmost care in assuring that their manuscripts are clean and grammatically impeccable.  This holds true for English, Spanish, Portuguese or Irish. All accent and other diacritical marks need to be in place.

Please mail queries to:

Ausubo Press
Acquisitions Editor
130 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY  10011-1803

Please direct permission requests to the editorial office above. Add Permissions Director to the address.
Subsidiary Rights
Queries regarding foreign rights, film rights and other subsidiary rights should be directed to the editorial office above.  Add Rights Department to the address.

Publicity Department
Please direct publicity inquiries to the editorial office above. Add Publicity Director to the address. For email inquiries send to

Client Services
For any information regarding an order or sevice of Ausubo Press please contact

Privacy Policy
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