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  • Ausubo Press Home Page
    Ausubo Press is an independent multicultural publishing company located in New York City, but embracing the stories of peoples from all over the world.  It is one of only several publishers in the United States producing books in more than one language including Irish, as well as Native American and Luso-Brazilian literature. Ausubo Press is more than bilingual; it is a multilingual publisher.

  • Latino Vegan Cookery by Lydia B. Figueroa, ISBN: 978-1-932982-33-6
    How does the routine act of picking up a fork and eating a meal become transformed into a gesture that bestows the promise of a better world to future generations? Read more about it here and take advantage of our pre-publication sale.

  • Insularismo An Insight into the Puerto Rican Character
    by Antonio S. Pedreira, translated by Aoife Rivera Serrano, ISBN: 1-932982-40-X. The publication of the first book on Puerto Rican identity into English is a historical event and Ausubo Press is honored to introduce this Latin American classic to the English-speaking public for the very first time. Find it in your bookstore under Latin American Studies or Cultural Studies, or read about it here and order it online.

  • Good Friday: The Death of Irish Republicanism
    by Anthony McIntyre, Foreword by Ed Moloney
    Good Friday: The Death of Irish Republicanism is a contemporaneous commentary on the peace process as it was unfolding, before the spin masters could get to work and have their version of history received as the established wisdom. Good Friday challenges the "organized forgetting" of the standard Republican narrative and is a much needed historical document for anyone wanting to understand the Sinn Fein Peace Process from an Irish Republican perspective. ISBN: 9781932982749

  • Upcoming Titles at Multicultural Ausubo Press
    Eye-opening books are in the works that expose human rights abuses, the consequences of occupation and invasion, and never before published accounts of historical revolutionary figures and political prisoners.  At Ausubo Press online read the chronicles of and by peoples living in Diaspora.  Also find Ausubo Press’ first cook book, which has satisfying recipes that affect the environment and our health positively, mitigate starvation, conserve wildlife, and put the disease breeding, inhumane practices of factory farming to rest.

  • Ausubo Press Book Gallery
    Titles and sneak previews of the preliminary book covers for Ausubo Press books that are in pre-publication stages.  Click over the cover and read a synopsis of a future book release.

  • FAQ's
    Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions on this page.  Find information about online ordering: which credit cards we accept, international orders, and volume discounts to educational institutions.

  • About Ausubo Press
    Most Ausubo Press books are written by authors living in occupied countries from Ireland to Puerto Rico, as well as by immigrants in the United States. Ausubo Press books include memoirs, biographies, fiction, literature in translation, non-fiction books about political prisoners,culture, policies, politics or practices that affect the individual and his environment. Our authors have changed their lives or their world. Like the Ausubo tree they have overcome great adversity and have endured. They have survived to write about it and Ausubo Press is privileged to help publish their stories in English, Spanish, Irish Gaelic or as Luso-Brazilian literature. We pride ourselves in working with the finest translators from Latin America and Ireland.

  • Ausubo Press Privacy Policy
    If you need reassurances about how Ausubo Press uses the personal information you submit to us please check this page to confirm our no-share policy.

  • Contact Ausubo Press
    If you are a writer whose project is compatible with Ausubo Press’ editorial goals contact us.  Check our submission guidelines to be sure your document meets our criteria. We are very selective but are equally supportive of, and committed to, our writers and their projects.  To submit a query letter or to address our editorial office regarding permissions, subsidiary rights or publicity please refer to this page.

  • Send Feedback to Ausubo Press
    To send comments to Ausubo Press or to get on our email list for release dates of upcoming titles please check this page.  The information on the feedback page is not shared and remains with Ausubo Press only.

  • Links of Interest
    This page of links is a vehicle for browsers to become connected to others with similar interests, or topics related to the books Ausubo Press publishes.

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