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              Ausubo Press
              An Independent Multicultural Publishing Company

Ausubo Press books are about bridges between seemingly disconnected peoples, races and countries.  Ausubo Press is building a community of authors and readers that share an appreciation for cultural differences and universal values. Our books consistently provide the reader with provocative or inspiring ideas that differ from those found in larger publishing houses, mainstream media or the nightly news. Ausubo Press is one of a handful of independent multicultural publishing companies that produce bilingual books in Spanish and English, will shortly add Luso-Brazilian literature as well as Native American themes to its titles and, in the not too distant future, will publish books in Irish. Ausubo Press hopes to play a role in raising global consciousness regarding the need to protect any culture’s greatest treasure: their language. A quote from an Ausubo Press book, a Latin American classic in translation, refers to this idea: “Language is the vault in which the embodiment of a people is deposited. Against the continuous, rhythmic pounding of days it begins to store words, turns of expression and maxims full of heroic postures confronting life out of spiritual necessity.”

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